Our team's main priority is to ensure that throughout the FRC experience, everyone is safe. To accomplish this, we stay up to date with FRC safety procedures and methods. We make it possible for all of our team members to have a fun and safe time with the Robo-Banditos. In addition to keeping our own team memebers safe, we like to distribute safety kits to other teams so they can also keep their members safe and having fun!

All Robo-Banditos Team Members Pledge to: ​ 

Wear safety goggles at all times when in the Work Zone.
Unplug power tools when they aren’t in use.
If you are unsure of how to use a tool, do not use it. 
Never work alone.
Wear proper protection when working with tools and always work with a buddy.
Listen to the precautions given by your team leaders.
Be accountable and take responsibility for your mistakes.
Watch out for the safety of others. 

Always know the safety rules.